Get rich...


This is your lucky day, Little Monkey! The sky is filled with golden coins and collecting them will make you very rich!


Collect more and more cash as you travel through 50 fun levels full of wilder and wilder surprises.

Greedy Little Monkey 

...or die trying


Nothing in life is ever simple, so besides the easy money you will have to fight for your life!


Your reflexes will be tested to the max as you try to dodge knives and butt-bounce different kinds of bombs away from the fragile bridge underneath your feet.


And you better catch those bananas before you slip on them later!

Discover a fun story


As you climb the ladder of fortune, you collect different

awards in the form of photographs.


Every pic will show you a new chapter in Little Monkey's crazy life story.

What will he spend his newfound wealth on?

Little Monkey goes a little criminal with his cash!


for Android tablets en phablets. Released in September 2017.
(I'm looking into a possible future iOS and PC release)


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Cool powers


To make life a little easier there are some cool things you can get from the in-game store:


- throw many stinky pieces of poo to help destroy bombs!

- freeze the beam you are standing on for an extra life!

- get a bubble suit to protect you!

Unlock endless mode


After finishing all those difficult levels and have unlocked Little Monkey's story the fun doesn't end.


Compete against friends and strangers alike for the ultimate high score in Endless Mode.

How long can you survive?

Monkey Charm


Enjoy a beautiful hand-painted setting with funny and cute animations in crisp HD. As the level gets higher the spectacle grows as well. There are some very dangerous and scary traps coming down from the sky!

Cool sounds and swinging music will sooth you on your tension-filled journey.


Greedy Little Monkey needs you. Don't let him down!